Licensing Agreement for China

Today, Niclas signed a Licensing Deal for release of his solo artist material in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

During the fall of 2017 Niclas was twice invited to China, building a relationship with the very established company Leyi Media which has concluded in this agreement.

Below is a picture from one of the trips where Niclas was invited to give a songwriting lecture for Chinese music industry officials and business representatives at the opening ceremony of Blooming Music Park in the beautiful area Jolong Town near the ocean outside of Quanzhou.

Opening ceremony for Blooming Music Park. (from left to right): 1. Shangguan Ronghua, VP of Julong Town 2. Zhong Yiyang, Chairman of Blooming Media Company 3. Guo Zhenhui, President of Julong Town 4. Xiang Lei, President of Beida Jade Bird Music Group 5. Xu Xiaofeng, President of Blooming Media & Culture Industry Group 6. Lu Zhongqiang, President of 13 Monthes Records 7. Wang Ju, VP of China Audio -Video & Digital Publishing Association 8. Niclas Lundin, Songwriter & Artist (SE) 9. Eric Bourdeau de Fontenay, Artist Manager (US) 10. Bill Zang, Chairman of Maritime Silk Road Association 11. Wang Yang, Musician of Nanyin 12. Chen Jianping, Musician and Producer (Taiwan)