The Songwriters Academy of Sweden

Niclas is one of the members of staff at Musikmakarna / The Songwriters Academy of Sweden, which is the turn-to when it comes to fresh new music as well as fresh new talent in Songwriting and Music Production. Musikmakarna has weekly visits not only from the Swedish Music industry but from virtually the whole western world, including MXM, Kobalt, Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music and the list continues.

Niclas is a Professional Instructor and New Ventures Coordinator, meaning that he is part of training, equipping and giving feedback to the students as well as being part of developing the Academy for the future through new ventures, collaborations and developments. One of many ventures is the yearly and very exclusive High Coast Songwriting Camp held at the island “Ulvön” that Niclas hosts together with the Head of School, Ulla Sjöström. The next one is coming up in October 2018.

Aside from the 30 Swedish students accepted each year for the 2 year course, Musikmakarna also offers an international Tailored Development Program. For three months you will be offered a unique opportunity to take part in the Legacy of Musikmakarna. It will give your professional pursuit an injection that is hard to imagine.

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