Funkie Monkie’s Music Singapore & Musikmakarna

The last three weeks Niclas has been busy hosting a Songwriting Camp as part of a long term collaboration between the Songwriters Academy of Sweden Musikmakarna and Funkie Monkey’s Music Singapore.

Eric Ng, a successful songwriter and producer and the founder of Funkie Monkie’s brought a group of 18 writers and producers to Musikmakarna to learn about the Swedish way of writing pop music and to collaborate with Swedish writers and producers. The first week Niclas lectured every day about the Swedish mindset and way of writing/producing, he also gave projects for them to work on, giving them feedback and creative input. Niclas also write a song together with Frank Ådahl infront of the class which opened for great discussions.

The second and third week was songwriting camp weeks where the 18 writers/producers visiting wrote with Swedish writers/producers in groups of 3-4. A new group and a new song per group each day Monday – Thursday and then on Friday there was a listening session of all the songs written during each week.

It was a great experience for everyone involved and many great songs were written!

Watch some pictures here