Niclas Lundin is a Swedish songwriter who started out at Murlyn Songs during 2004-2007 alongside with world renowned writers/producers like Bloodshy & Avant and many more. After those years he worked independently for a couple of years before signing to Scandinavian Songs in 2009 where he grew to be one of the most requested writers. In May 2015 Niclas signed an exclusive world wide deal with Imagem Music.

His first cut was a single with German artist Gracia Baur, ”I Don’t Think So” (2003) which made it to #3 on the German Singles Chart. Since then Niclas has had several #1’s and single cuts pretty much all over the modern world.

A few of Niclas’ most recent songs to hit the world charts and clubs are Martin Garrix & MOTi – “Virus (How About Now)”, Scooter – “King Of The Land” and Dada Life – “Feed The Dada”. Niclas has delivered songs to South Koreas most influential pop artist ever, Cho Yong Pil, as well as to Dream Theatre’s lead vocalist James LaBrie…

With over 100 cuts, the list goes on!

Niclas has also started appearing as a vocalist and feature artist on several releases – with many more to come. Based on the personal touch and intimate nerve in his voice, the amount on requests of Niclas singing on tracks are growing rapidly.

During the fall 2015 Niclas took the step of becoming a solo artist as he released his debut album “Rain Clouds” that he has written, produced, mixed and mastered himself together with friends and professional colleagues. Since then he has released several singles and music videos that can be found on Spotify, Youtube and anywhere else you turn for music.

Aside from singing, Niclas does everything from writing to producing, mixing and mastering. But in a cowrite situation his main focuses are lyrics and melody. Niclas has a really strong feeling for simple hit melodies and a sought after ability to marry them with lyrics that create great hooks!

You will find more information under each category here and don’t hesitate to contact Niclas for further information.


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