Niclas Lundin

Niclas Lundin is a Swedish Artist, Songwriter and Music Producer (and more) who started his professional career at The Songwriters Academy of Sweden, Musikmakarna after which he signed a songwriters publishing agreement with the, at that time, most successful independent publishing company in the world, Murlyn Songs where he started building his songwriting career during 2004-2007 alongside with world renowned writers/producers like Bloodshy & Avant and many more.

After those years he worked independently for a couple of years before signing to Scandinavian Songs in 2009 where he grew to be one of the most requested writers. Scandinavian has since become Cosmos Music Publishing.

In May 2015 Niclas signed an exclusive world wide deal with Imagem Music which in 2017 was purchased by Concord Music where he is currently signed along with some of the biggest names in music.