The Artist

“Love, pain, faith, doubt… you name it. I tell stories from the journey of life and rather than offering answers, I like to dwell on questions. To make people feel something and to think about where they’re at. I try to inspire and sometimes that means telling the truth rather than an ideal. I know my music in a way falls in between the indie and the mainstream because it has elements from both, but at the same time, I hope it has enough of both to appeal to those on both sides who have an open mind and can listen beyond the frames.”

Niclas has written songs for established artists in over 20 countries for the last 15 years as a multi platinum awarded songwriter. His songs have been recorded by Rick Springfield, Jame LaBrie, Martin Garrix, Andreas Moe and countless more.

He lives in the High Coast area of Northern Sweden where he spends as much time in the studio and on his own music as he does sharing his knowledge and experience at the world renowned Songwriting Academy of Sweden, Musikmakarna.

Niclas took his step out in the artist world as a featuring vocalist for DJs and his solo debut came in 2015 with his album Rain Clouds. He releases all his music on his own indie label.

“Releasing “Rain Clouds” really triggered the desire within me to tell my own stories. I have written for others for so many years and as much as I love it, there is also a great difference compared with writing completely from within your self and sharing it with people in your own personal way. I really hope I reach some people out there that my music connects with and that I in some way can inspire some hope in difficult times.”

One of the last releases from Niclas is the single “Will You”, released in November 2022, which is a songcowritten with the L.A. bae writer/artist Scott Effman.

Niclas releases his music independently through his own label and is vailable on all digital platforms. For Licensing inquiries go to the contact section.

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